Artifacts Volume 4 TP
Ron Marz, Stjepan Sejic  
Artifacts Volume 4 TP Image Cover
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Maison d'édition:Image Comics
Genre:Comics & Graphic Novels
Date de parution:2012-07-31
Dimensions:10.08 x 6.61 x 0.63 in
Acheté chez:Album Toulouse
Acheté le:2012-07-20
Date de l'ajout:2012-07-21
Payé:EUR 16,99
Résumé: In this introductory-priced volume, the longtime Witchblade team of Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic unveil the new shape of the Top Cow Universe. Former priest and current FBI profiler, Tom Judge, can't shake the feeling that something is horribly and inherently wrong with the world. He blames it on past trauma, but a new investigation of gangland violence linked to mobster Jackie Estacado will reveal he may very well be right... and setting things right may destroy everything!